Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day 0.... Again

So Ive not been on this since the start of May I think. Just want to say sorry about that especially to people who continued to view this daily. I don't really know what happened, I just got lazy again which sucked. Since I stopped working out Ive felt horrid, Ive sat around on my days off and not done much except play video games and eat junk food.

I did give myself a bit of an excuse, I fractured my left foot the middle part and it was giving me a lot of problem both at work because of being on my feet constantly and in the house were I needed to take the pressure off. I'm going to the doctors sometime this week to see if its ok and if anything else needs to get done, fingers crossed everything is ok.

For the past week I have been slowly cutting my calorie intake and upping my green tea and healthy foods which has made me feel a whole lot better. I also got a scale so I can weight myself, and I did on Monday and since September last year (last time I weighted myself) I haven't put any weight on but I also haven't lost any. So I don't really know if that result is good or not.

I'm hoping to start working out soon, hopefully sometime this week but I will need to be something light and doesn't put much pressure on my foot, maybe the static bike Ive got.

Oh and because I still don't feel like I'm getting a handle on my nutrition I'm thinking in joining weight watchers will my mother. Have any of you been to weight watchers? I hear good things about it but not too sure.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Work Dragging Me Down

Sorry Guys

Work has been sucking the life out of me the past few weeks, between 10 hour shifts and last minute changes Ive been run off my feet. Not had a chance to do things, like working out, going shopping and even seeing some of my family. On my breaks I have been reading some of your blogs, but my stupid phone wont let me sign in to comment or anthing. Hopefully next week things will calm down and I'll get back to normal.

For the most part I have been following my diet, except one day I did a 12 hour shift and I needed sugar to get me through.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

New Month New Start

So its now May, boy does time fly. So Ive still got this rubbish cold/chest infection. Its mostly just a really chesty cough now but its still annoying. I'm getting fed up of being in bed and not doing anything, that's me also missed 3 days wages.

So since I feel a little bit better I'm going to restart my diet/exercise tomorrow. I'm thinking today as day 0 again :( because Ive been unwell since Monday Ive been eating chicken noodle soup a lot as it seems to be the only thing I can handle, that and nutella lol.

I'm going to do things differently this time round, only taking photos on day 0, 30, 60 and 90. I'm also listening to the audio book just now tat helped me last time quit smoking and I'm going to listen to it once a week, probably a Sunday. Also for Lent I gave up fizzy juice and sugar in my tea and coffee I'm just going to carry that on and only drink water, I'm also going to drink more water.

No more sweets and chocolate, and If I do want anything like that I can only have it once a week. Also no more crisps, processed foods are going to be kept to a minimum. I'm also going to try and cook all my meals from scratch and maybe bulk make them and just freeze something for ease. Sticking to the diet nutrition plan of the program was really hard for me but I'm going to use myplate or something similar to track my calories.

Well I think I'm just rambling on just now, so Ill leave it there. I'm going to go listen to my book and play Pokemon.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Chest Infection

Sorry haven't updated in like a week I think? Ive got a chest infection and haven't been able to go to work of anything. Hope I get better soon, I think this is what I get for smoking those fags.

Ill update when I can.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

P90x Day 29: Chest, tricep and shoulders + Ab Ripper X

So Ive lost my laptop charger at my bros house, so annoying so posting this from my different comp. Did today and it felt like the first day all over again, two week without ab ripper almost killed me. But I did it I complete the number of reps that the Kids do. I did need to pause a few times and catch my breath but it was ok after I finished.

Now Chest, Triceps and Shoulders was a different matter I was fucked 10 mins into the darn thing. Could barely do anything, I was so happy with my results of the third week being able to do 15 push-ups. In the first workout having to do 12 slow ones was murder I had to go down to my knees for the military ones. For the weighted exercises I went back down to 2.5. So wasn't very happy but it is the first week of the 2nd phrase so I don't mind much.

So I'm off, one of my neighbor bought me a bottle of champagne for my 21st and I must say after drinking it I don't like it. I hate wine and now I hate champagne, never tried it before now and I thought it would be different to wine but it ain't.

If you guys want to see my pictures that I uploaded today then go on to my photobucket account, Ive uploaded today's pictures just to see the difference two weeks have done. Ive gained INCHES!!!!! its a disaster but I'm looking past it and looking to the future were I am healthy and loving myself.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


So after talking to my boyfriend about my disappoinment about not working out for a week and also to the people that commented I have decided to start tomorrow as week 5 day 29.

I think that I realized that I'm kind of scared and lacking in motivation that I need to keep me going. So for a few hours I browsed the beachbody website and the weight-loss website that I previously mentioned and after getting some inspiration I am raring to go again.

I must say that most of my new found inspiration came from this video:

Friday, 22 April 2011


For the last week I havent exercised at all, sure enough Ive been moving and doing things that I would normally do, like at work or when I went to my brothers chasing after the kids all day. I just feel like Ive let myself down and feel like I should maybe restart the program from the beginning.