Saturday, 23 April 2011


So after talking to my boyfriend about my disappoinment about not working out for a week and also to the people that commented I have decided to start tomorrow as week 5 day 29.

I think that I realized that I'm kind of scared and lacking in motivation that I need to keep me going. So for a few hours I browsed the beachbody website and the weight-loss website that I previously mentioned and after getting some inspiration I am raring to go again.

I must say that most of my new found inspiration came from this video:
It made me feel like I should get up and start exercising, which I obviously didn't do because I'm in my jammies and its the back of 1 at night. But it made me feel like Ive got a purpose to get up tomorrow. I'm going to retake my photos, I think I maybe have put on some weight, and I wouldn't blame my body, and i will post them up again for you all to view.

Im also a non-smoker again which is good, after smoking a few in the past days ive felt really unwell and sick and its made me feel disgusting.

Also some of you may have noticed, or not, that Ive added a donate button to the side-bar thing. This is to help me buy the next program I'm going to use, which by the looks of it is going to be Insanity, which I don't have and the first payment is something like £40. I'm thinking in purchasing it next month when I get paid again but obviously its quite a lot of money so I would appreciate if anyone would consider donating to the cause.I would love you forever even if it was only a penny.


  1. I love working out. Good luck and never start smoking.

  2. Lack of motivation is the number one killer of getting fit. I'm glad that you have found our fountain of motivation. Keep it up!

  3. well as long as you keep with it, it'll be hard, cant expect any less.

  4. holy crap! that vid was truly insanity!

    great inspiration. :D

  5. Good that you got your inspiration back. Now you are back on the track!

  6. This is exercising!! she looks very strong :o

  7. lol same deal here, except i took off about 3 weeks :D