Monday, 18 April 2011

Birthday Weekend

So I haven't posted on here since Wednesday I think, not too sure but anyway I'm posting now. Yesterday was my birthday the big 21! I did however pigout quite a bit this week, which I'm not too pleased about. On Saturday I got drunk after work, few beers and a couple of vodkas. On Sunday I got wasted on Budweiser, lambrini, vodka and whiskey. Got a Chinese for dinner, sweet and sours chicken balls and fried rice. It was so lovely. Had a bit of my birthday cake, just the icing mind. Then today Ive been drinking lots of Irn Bru, had a big cup full of fanta too. Got a chicken royale with cheese and large fries, also half a chocolate cheesecake out of farmfoods.

Having this amount of alcohol and food and seriously fucked me up! I feel like crap, that might just be the hangover but I also think its the amount of sugar and fat, not had sugar since ash Wednesday so it was a lot for my system to handle.

So starting tomorrow I'm back on a strict diet and Ill start working out again.

Oh and I got a 3ds for my birthday wohoo



  1. Sounds like a good birthday and there's nothing wrong with a cheat day every know and then. Keeps the fire burning :)

    Following :)

  2. If you didn't have a day off, what would there be to keep you motivated? lol :)

  3. sweet and sour chicken BALLS? That sounds epic

  4. Happy belated birthday! I'm right where you are now. I REALLY need to quit smoking and get in shape.

  5. The stronger the hangover, the better the previous night. Up until that point where the law reverses, of course.

  6. happy birthday!

    now get back on that diet! :)

  7. Happy birthday!

    And omg.... you have just made me so freakin' hungry..... D=