Monday, 28 March 2011

P90x Day 12: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X

So today I woke up nice and early went to the dentist came back home and fell asleep. Silly comfortable bed looking so inviting, woke back up at the back of 3. I hate it when that happens don't you?

I also went to the opticians and got the all clear, I have perfect 20/20 vision so was super happy about that. I don't think I would suit glasses to be honest, but If I needed them then so be it I would have just had to make them work.

So again for today's workout I started with Ab ripper X, boy that ain't getting any easier. I doubt that I ever will but I thought it would get slightly easier. I am really hoping to be able to do the modifications by the end of the 90 days, the raising of the arms the crossing the legs for a few of the moves. So next time I do ab ripper x I'll be upping the reps by another 5, just hopefully I'll be able to keep up.

For legs and back I kept the same weight that I'd used for shoulders & arms for the weighted exercise. I also still did only 10 reps of the pull-ups, Ill increase those by another 5 for chest and back. After I can do 15 reps for the pull-ups I'm doing to try and start doing non-assisted pull-ups, even if I just start off with doing 1 then 14 assisted I'd be happy with that.

The first workout the balanced lunges is still murder one my legs. If you don't know what these are then let me explain. You put one foot on a chair, either on the balls of your foot or flat on the chair, then exaggerate the length you other foot is in front of you then do lunges. I can seem to find a picture of these, so I might need to screen cap it next time I do it. I'm telling you, your legs are like jelly after it and your expected to do 25 reps on each leg.

So that's it for today, I am off to bed. Got to get up early again tomorrow. Its annoying, been off work or working late nights and Ive still not managed to get a nice long lie in.


  1. More power to you, could never do this myself!

  2. Have relatives doing this, so intense.

  3. I'd never expect anything short of death from something called the Ab Ripper. Keep up the hard work.

  4. i know what you mean about the sleeping thing. it happens.:D

  5. Great stuff, keep up the good work

  6. Keep on going! You can do this! :)