Thursday, 31 March 2011

P90x Day 15: Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X

Hi guys, hope you are all feeling good today cause boy am I.

Got up nice and early for the dentist, which was good she says it should be fine and she filled it back up with some stuff, don't know what it is. Still to go back tomorrow to continue with the root canal thing. Woke up with no pain this morning so was just going to leave going to the dentist, but she said that it was best that I did because it could have hurt my tongue if I slide it past it the wrong way.

When I came back from there I got into my workout stuff, but then I got kind of side tracked by watching Jeremy Kyle on the ps3, lol its just trash tv and I love it. Once I'd got my ass up off my bed I got into workout mode, and as usual started out with ab ripper x. I once again added 5 more reps to each and am now doing 20 reps, it still hurts like crazy but I seem to be doing a bit better at them. Wouldn't say perfect but I'm trying my best.

With chest and back I also added another 5 reps to each, so that's me doing 15 assisted pull-ups and 15 push-ups. I also stuck to the 3.5kg dumbbells for the weighted exercises. I felt the difference on all of the moves, now that I've gotten to where I wanted to be at the start I am now going to just concentrate on form. Well actually this is the last time I'll be doing this workout until the 9th week, but I'm sure there is going to be lots more pull-ups and push-ups in the other dvds that I've not tried yet.

So I'm off to go get measures and maybe photos taken, I don't really feel much of a difference but my boyfriend says he sees it in the boobies area lol I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'll post the results up later after I've gotten in from work.


  1. Hope it all goes well, good luck.

  2. any small difference is good! :D

  3. If I guy noticed, theres definately a difference.

    Keep it up! ^^

  4. Keep at it and post some pictures soon.

  5. definitely post some comparison pics and sorry about the root canal, those are awful!