Wednesday, 30 March 2011

P90x Day 13: Kenpo X

So I did this yesterday, but didn't write about it on this. I went to the dentist yesterday, well you already know this because of my rant earlier. Halfway through the dental appointment my work phoned and asked me to come in later on in the day. So after the dentist I went home and completed Kenpo X with a half numb face.

Kenpo was still a disaster, coordination wise. I still had to pause the dvd and do the moves a few time and ask my boyfriend if he thought i was doing it correctly. I really, really need to have a mirror in front of me I think.
Tony is right when he says that it will be over before you realise it and you'll be drenched in sweat. I took a five second break to get the sweat out of my eyes it was half way over and then the next time I stopped it was to begin the cool down.

So even though I ain't getting any better at the moves I feel like I'm able to go for a bit long than last week while doing cardio.

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  1. So you both get something out of it. You get healthier, and your bf gets to watch!